Our Mission

Our Mission

It is our ultimate Objective and Principle to assist the needy and the less-fortunate where the system has failed and/or neglected them. The Elderly, Children, families and the less fortunate are the most vulnerable in our society. Therefore, we are committed to render financial and/or logistical support and assistance to ensure that the potential to be sustainable gets implemented.

We want to create and increase awareness with regards to the major challenges the less fortunate face on a daily basis. This will assist Helping Angels to achieve our objectives as well as encourage public awareness and willingness to get involved.

Our planned projects will be placed into practice efficiently, reliably, effectively and without prejudice. We will continuously monitor the development and current status of all running projects, and provide additional assistance where required.

Funds and Donations
We handle and distribute donations and financial contributions entrusted to us transparently and professionally. We ensure that all donations are implemented and distributed as prioritised in order to successfully achieve projected goals. We work with private donors, corporate donors, and project sponsors (provision of goods and/or non-cash benefits).All financial statements are audited by external audit firms and will be made available online.

The NPO Act 71 of 1997
Helping Angels: Our Constitution

Our Vision

Helping Angels strives to allow the less fortunate an opportunity in pursuit of a better and more sustainable future. We strive to alleviate poverty in tangible and sustainable ways and are committed to improving the living conditions and create opportunities for the Elderly, Children and Families with the aim of creating an environment for them to reach their full potential. We offer fair and sustainable opportunities to the elderly, potential growth opportunities to families and parentless children the opportunity for education, nutrition, healthcare, and a place called home to live and thrive.

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